Monday, April 7, 2008

Expectant Mothers and Sellers of Etsy

Bella Rhys Designs
Due Date June 9th
It's a boy!
This is our 4th pregnancy

Hat Trick Clothing
Due Date October 1, 2008.
I don't know the sex yet, but will try to find out when I have my next ultrasound. This is baby #3 for us. We have two girls, ages 2.5 and 1.

I sell toddler clothing mostly, but will happily do custom orders for children of any age/size. (I also list other items, depending on what I feel like making that day!)

Try to keep a polite smile on your face while everyone you know (and don't know!) gives you unsolicited advice. Actually listen to it, but then decide for yourself it is appropriate for you and your baby. Only YOU know whats best for your baby. The rest of the world just means well


I am selling heat pillows that are plushies and heat packs all in one. They can be used for innumerable things and are a good companion to children of all ages. I am also selling little rabbit safety blankets and matching soft shoes. Hand-stitched mobiles with woodland creatures made out of felt are currently in the making ;)

For all expecting mummies I offer free shipping for any item bought with a heat pillow. Also, there are no extra charges should you want something customised to match your nursery.

Learn to listen to your baby! You are going through incredible changes during pregnancy and after the birth you might feel like having been thrown into a stormy sea. Do not be afraid to kindly tell relatives they can visit another day, unplug the phone, turn off the telly and concentrate fully on you and your baby. Get to know each other and you will learn to read their signals.
And remember: when you and your baby feel comfortable, you are doing things right no matter what everyone else tries to convince you of

Wide assortment of baby items. Blankets, sweaters, hats, dresses, and more!

Purple Daisies
Due Date September 11th 2008

This will be my third child and we are find out what we are having next week!
Due Date: April 24th

Gender is a surprise This is baby #3. I have two at home already.

At Kunklebaby, you'll find luxurious, handcrafted boutique children's items-balancing upscale style with modern and bohemian flair. From Bibs and Gift Sets to Clothing. Everything you need for the special baby in your life.

Take your time and enjoy your baby. Time goes by so fast! It's a magical process. When you look back at their childhood you'll remember how cute they were, not how clean your house was. :)

Mindy Kuen
Due Date May 28th,with baby #2.

We are going to be surprised & have chosen not to find out the baby's sex. We also have a lovely 2 year old girl Audrey Jean

Due Date June 30 th 2008
Boy or a Girl? It will be a surprise!

This will be my second child. I currently have a two year old boy.

Buttermilk creek
Handmade Jewelery

It's a Girl!
Due Date: May 21, 2008

This is my second child, and my second girl!

Hand crafted baby layette and nursery items; bibs, burp cloths, blankets and hangers.

“New Mother"- take time for yourself, even if it’s10 minutes locked in the closet!

Tickled Pink and Blue
Applique Onesies and Baby-safe toys.

"Everyone will tell you how it should be done. Follow your gut, follow your heart. You're a mom now, you'll know what to do. I did."

Infant and baby hats and booties.

Being a mom to 4 and a grandmother to 5.....enjoy every moment.

Hand Painted Children's Decor

Convo me before making a purchase and I will give a 10% discountEnjoy every moment.........they grow up so quickly!


Bella Rhys Designs said...

I just saw that you had put the etsy moms info on your blog and would like to link back a pic of your page on my blog-but I'm new enough to this I have no idea how to go about doing it. Or should I just copy/paste your link? I think if a pic were to come up instead of a link yur site would tend to get more traffic from it...

hat trick clothing said...

Thanks for putting this feature up! What a great way to really show people who some of the etsy artists are!

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