Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Etsy Treasury Smashers Feature your treasury.

I just had to add one more! I started lurking through the treasuries wishing that I could nab one, and there it was...... a treasury with one of my items featured! Thanks UNdeSix!

Sagittarius Gallery is the curator and I love the yellow theme going on in this treasury. She is a talented artist, so stop by and show her some love!http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=35849

What a lovely treasury. Purple is one of my favorite colors. Great Job Smashgirl! Go check out her shop under the " Treasury Smasher" list in the Side bar


Another great Treasury! It is amazing how well these artist capture facial exspression. Great Job Mystic Silks! There is no wonder you sell wonderfully crafted items in your shop! You really have an eye for this sort of thing. Go and check out her shop>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I want to test an idea that I've come up with. I would like to get a list going on the sidebar of my blog entitled " Treasury Smashers". "Treasury Smashers" are those who frequently get treasuries. I would like to promote your treasury along with a snap shot, like seen above. If this goes well, then I would like to do this on a weekly basis. Please leave me a comment with a link to your treasury. Three "treasury smashers" will be chosen and announced later on today.


AlysaMerle said...

I love making treasuries! I find myself thinking of ideas for them.

I have one in Treasury West in honor of my daughter's upcoming Voice Recital:

and I also have one in the regular Treasury featuring the "Sounds of Etsy"


I really love the community spirit at Etsy that allows artists to feature other artists.


Marmalady said...

sounds a great idea !
i dont get treasuries regularly --real life often gets in the way of being at the computer at the right time, but i get them when i can!
this is my current one:

Alex Whatton said...

Great idea!

I can't wait to see the Smashers!


Smashgirl said...

I love to make them to the point where it's almost become an addiction! It's such a fun way to browse through other shops. I currently have this treasury that is very close to my heart.

In memory of my Mom

My Jewelry by Dee said...

I don't have a Treasury currently ..but I'll go check West..I usually have a couple of Wests during the week and a Main on week ends.

Aja said...

Sweet idea. Let me say though it's not that hard to get one, just gotta know when the 333rd treasury is set to expire. That's how I got mine today. I knew for several hours when the treasury would open up....


Tizzalicious said...

I love this idea! And I love making treasuries! I'd love to take part :)

Tizzalicious said...

I love this idea! And I love making treasuries! I'd love to take part :)

myhools said...

Here's a link to my latest treasury!


lskcrochet said...

Thanks everyone!

My Jewelry by Dee said...

Here is the link to my latest!

there be dragons here!



I enjoy making treasuries and mange to snag at least 2 per week, sometimes 3!
I belong to VAST, BBEST, and WWAO on etsy, so usually I'll do treasuries featuring these groups.
My most current is: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=35659

Mystic Silks

chendric said...

Great idea! I love making treasuries! Here's my current:


JazziesJunque said...

I have this treasury for the supply street team I belong to. This is a great idea and would love to be considered for your next treasury feature.


sprinklejoy said...

What a great idea! (she says, waving her hand in the air and saying "Pick me! Pick me!) I love doing treasuries, and have been trying to do them as often as possible. Here's my latest:

Aja said...

Yay! Thank you!!

Sharon said...


What a fabulous idea!

I love getting treasuries and am starting to get a little obsessed - going to have to work on that. ; )

Here is one I got today that features some of the glass beads from the Lampwork Etc. Street Team I'm part of.


J T said...

Sounds like a great idea. Anything to get more exposure for Etsy has my vote. Here's my treasury


Jil said...

Great Idea! I wish I could snag a treasury!


I will get one one of these days!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Excellent idea!

I have a treasury right now celebrating Houdini


snowy652 said...

those are all great treasuries


Mystic Silks http:mysticsilks.etsy.com said...

Believe it or not, for me designing a treasury is a way to releave tension, drive my creative spirit, and to display works of art by other artists. I always say in my treasury, Enjoy, this was created just for YOU!

thank you so much for inviting me to your blog.

Mystic Silks

MakingsByMary said...

Great Idea, here are two from our WWWG Team (Grandmamas)

thanks to sagewest, her shop link




It's just so exciting being featured in a treasury !!

I Heart That! Dance said...

Hi there -- this is a really cool idea! I'm pretty lucky with treasury (i.e. I obsessively stalk it :) ) Pretty much always in main, I always forget to check TWest.

Here's my current one -- for a brand new Street Team, Mad Scientists of Etsy!


Treasures by Tina said...

You've done a great job with your blog! I looks wonderful!

I'd love to have this treasury featured: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=5327

Or perhaps a future one?

Thanks so much,
Treasures by Tina

Reg said...

Lovely Blog..What a fabulous idea! I would love to be featured. My treasury is a showcase of the InteriorDesignTeam!

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