Thursday, April 10, 2008

"3 column layout" for Blogger

I spent the majority of Wednesday working on this " 3 column layout" that you see here. I searched etsy forums, and google for information on achieving the infamous "3 column layout". The sources that I came across were very detailed and easy to understand. Unfortunately, none of the formats that I saw worked with the new updated version of " Minima". I fooled around with the layout for hours until I realized that in order to update the " layout editor", you must make a new "html code" right underneath the " footer". Before I pressed the preview button I prayed that it would work and God answered my prayers! I had the new " 3 column layout" that I was hoping for. This has prompted me to start working on a article to help those of you who were also struggling with the HTML code adjustments. Please feel free to subsribe to this blog so that you won't miss it.

In the earlier part of the week I picked up a few books from the library about " Blogging". I want to make the transition from " amature blogger" to "professional blogger". I'm even considering taking a course in the fall on "Graphics". I would love to create a wide range of graphic lovelies for my new layout. "Patience is a virtue", and I need to work on this. The desire to " work from home", can be overwhelming, especially with small children. The laundry piles, the crumbs on the floor, and the seemingly insurmountable pile of toys in the playroom. These thing can all bring stress and fatigue on any " work at home mom". I've been managing through prayer and the occasional " time out for mommy", that my husband provides by taking the kids out for awhile. Some days are harder then others but, I wouldn't change it for the world. Staying focused and keeping on track will help me push through the tuff times and, make more room for the joyful moments as a wife and mother.

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