Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today's Creation

For the longest time I wondered what talent God had blessed me with. I often would think about this while sitting and crocheting. This past month God finally revealed to me that my gift had to be exactly what I had loved doing since childhood. Crochet was once a hobby and now it is my God given talent!

Today I sat down and created this set. I worked on it all day and I have it memorized. I will have it copy written in the near future and possibly add it to a book for publishing. I plan on creating more patterns primarily focused on infant and baby wear. I have so much to share and so little time for I am drawn back to the hook that God had first allowed me to become accustom to.

Thank you mom for first putting the hook in my hand, and to my Mother in Law for encouraging me. For this will be passed down to my daughter and hopefully carried through all generations!


A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Wow you are talented! I know simple crochet stitches but not shapes or anything, thats great!

Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

Love your new blog, and that orange n blue set is gorgeous! I can't get enough of orange n blue together, either (see my Autumn Sky Orange n Blue Handknit Scarf at :)

You really have a knack for colors!

Amy Yang said...

So cute and I love the color combination. Isn't it amazing that God can cultivate a hobby and passion within us that can turn into something so much greater?

Anonymous said...

The blog is great, the colors grab you as soon as it comes up. Very well written!

Designs by Jenean said...

Your work is beautiful and it is obvious that you have a God given talent. I love the color combo you chose.

Grace H said...

You certainly have a talent for crochet. It's a good feeling when you realize how creative YOU really are. I wish you the best with your Etsy shop.

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