Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sharing Blog Love

A few months ago I started this blog to showcase my handmade crochet work. After becoming apart if the www. Etsy.com handmade community I realized that there were limitless opportunities to showcase your talents and to network with other like minded souls. I have made a long list of Etsy friends, who have been an asset to my shop and blog by way of advice and limitless information made available through the forums. There is absolutely no catch to Etsy, except for the fact that you MUST get active and stay active. Even when it is slow on Etsy you can always find new ways to promote yourself. I've had my share of slow days and that's when I take time out to work on new designs or be creative in the formatting of my blog. I have alot to learn and alot to gain and I am happy to be able to share this experience with all of you.

There will be major changes coming in the next few weeks. I love Etsy, but I love all aspects of homemaking. Encouraging family, marriage, children and human bonds are some of the key issues that I will blog about. I love feedback in the way of comments, surveys, and contest. I hope to encourage other bloggers who have the same values to join in and share any advice in the topics that I will be proposing in the future.

And don't worry Etsy, " Treasury Smashers", and " Survey Time", will still be apart if this site. I plan to continue in sharing ways to promote your business and tips on handling the dry spells. I love researching, so any new thing that I come across will be made available if I feel that it may be helpful to you. Meanwhile, take your time and look through the list of " Crafty Bloggers", located on my sidebar. They have so much to offer and nothing but encouragement to give!


Helen said...

No matter what your subject matter I'm sure your blog will be interesting and I'll be dropping in daily!

Waterrose said...

what a lovely post! I'll be back to read more!

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