Friday, April 18, 2008

My Garden to" Bee"

I find it incredibly ironic that, at one point in my life, had a job landscaping. It was my first and last job that I acquired in that field. First, of all I am petrified of bees, and I have never been stung. The though of that tiny little black and yellow insect injecting a stinger into my flesh seems morbid and gross. Yes, I am the lady that you see running down the street to get away from one swarming bee. I'm also the lady, you see, swerving in her car, in front of you because a bee has decided to pop in the window. Aside from the whole "bee" phobia, I really enjoy being outside, just not as an occupation.

Today, I had my first "bee" encounter of the season. It amazes me just how silly I can bee ( pun on words:). Sitting just below my drivers side window, there was a bee scouring to climb out the top open half . I talked my self into rolling down the window a bit, to let the monster out. Yes, I did say monster. I say monster because, when I see a bee I break out into a sweat, and if it comes too close I will scream. Don't judge! I'm sure that most people have the same fear. Don't they?

I say all of this to get down to the real reason for this post. Today, while stalking the Etsy forums, I ran across a gardening thread. Here's the link if you want to take a looksie. Anyway, it made me think of my own garden, or lack of. It will officially be a 1 year that we've lived in this house and, I want to celebrate with a new front yard landscape. When we first moved in, I took out some of the newer plants that may have been put there as a quick fix to sell the house. Those plants died by the time that we moved in because the house was vacant and nobody was there to care for them. At the time, our main concern was revamping the inside of the house, so we didn't get the chance to get down and dirty with the landscape. Right now, I 'm mapping out a plan to get a bunch of this done for under $100 dollars. I think that it may be tough, and it will be many years before it's completely the way that I want. I'm familiar with a few plants already, and I will most likely purchase them this weekend. I hope to also, pick up a tomato plant and a few other garden favorites. I even picked out a spot for the veggie garden. There is a pond that we never had the chance to get rid of ,so I will fill it with dirt and make that my little garden. I'll post pics later on. Happy Gardening!


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Do you mind my asking how I add friends to blog catalog, etc. I followed the link and added you but how would I go about it myself? Youhave a nice and interesting blog.

Theresa H. Hall said...

Hello. Begin with trying to understand the job of the bees, which is to help keep our planet in working order and in effect to help the food grow.

Cherish them, for without them we will certainly perish. Most bees are curious and actually quite friendly. Instead of freaking out, remain calm. Talk in a soothing voice and should one get too close, or curious, simply and gently shoo them away. The bee will understand that your space is not open to them. Sometimes it takes a few shoos to get them to comprehend and since their brains are so tiny, when it sinks in, they simply fly away.

I for one am glad for any bees to come to my yard as their rate of disappearance has been frightening and all in the news, over the past year. I have begun greeting them and telling them I am so happy they have returned. they fly close as if to say they are glad to see me too.

Relax, the bees are our friends and looking at them this way will give you the confidence to make friends. They are not out to get you. You must take this in, so as to remove your fears. Get a book from the library to see how wonderful a creature God created. Or research them on line. With a book the photography will be a way for you to touch the bee without really touching it.

Peace and good luck with your landscaping. I am sure it will be quite lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

I share your fear of bees! I am deathly allergic to them. I carry an EpiPen from Spring to the end of fall. I have an issue with something so small having the capability of ending my life.
My son once cut into a bush (to trim it) with a small electric saw and cut right into a bee hive. He received more than 200 stings on his body and was hospitalized for days. Now he's allergic too.
Not only am I allergic but dang, those bee stings really hurt... for days.
Avoidance is good :)

Red Raider 14 from ETSY said...

I feel the same way, but especially about wasps! They are evil looking, so they must be evil!

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