Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Should I Invest in Web Hosting?

I recently asked for 10 opinions in relation to Web Hosting experiences. There are so many to choose from and I am about to take the plunge. Now, where do I start? I will be listing 10 opinions later on today. These opinions are from Etsy sellers, so go and visit their shops while you browse!

DesignedByLucinda says:
I'll give you my tip for free:IXhosting is reliable, inexpensive and has excellent phone customer service when you, say, accidentally delete your web site...:) Good luck on your hunt!

BauerDesigns says:
Sure! I'd be happy to. I actually use GoDaddy myself but I simply have my domain name and have linked it to my shop. So you can simply go to instead of typing in the Etsy part.

abdesigns says:
I use pappashop for webhosting and would love to give advice - what do you need? site with them:

prettycheap says:
If you want, have a look a my shop, I use yahoo for domain forwarding strictly. Thx ;~\

Morningskyjewelry says:
I also use GoDaddy, but I only use it to redirect to Etsy. I also use it for email forwarding so my shop name is also my email. Godaddy forwards it to gmail for me.

sherrytruitt says:
I use GoDaddy as well. will eventually have a live cart on it thru paypal. It's reasonably priced and I like their customer service.

LaurieRyan says:
I use godaddy I have a web site there

sewphisticate says:
i use and have for years. i use it primarily for the e-mail. i was initially going to have an on-line shop, but didn't have the experience/knowledge to set it all up, so as soon as i figure out the coding, i'm just going to have it direct people to my etsy shop

PennyFabricArt says:
PennyFabricArt uses Yahoo! web hosting.URL ='s slightly more expensive than some others ($11.95/month), but they have hundreds of customizable multi-page site templates; lots of widgets for things like secure email forms; very easy editing so I can update my page any time I want; seemingly unlimited available memory; and all of the design functions are in an easy menu-driven form. I made a good interactive site without knowing ANY html.

s says:
i loathe godaddyi use dreamhost. they are AMAZING


Natural said...

i use and they are great.

RecycleCindy said...

I use HostGator and am very happy. Good service and lots of bandwidth packages.

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