Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making friends on Myspace

I 'm up to 185 friends in just under 2 weeks. Not bad! Once I got over the one hundred mark, it started becoming easier because people started seeing me on other myspace pages. Opening up my email on a daily basis and seeing new friend requests is a good sign that this will take off on it's own adventually.
Not everyone will be excepting of your envites or your etsy mini's but those people are few. I have only encountered one out of 185 friends. I welcome family friendly handmade and business ads of all sorts and I will delete any ads that don't meet that criteria. Please feel free to ad your esty mini or business ad to my comments allowing one a week so that others may get a turn. Any traffic, is good traffic so I hope that we can all share in the Myspace as a promotional tool exsperience!


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