Thursday, March 20, 2008

Home Based Business or the Cat Life

When we first moved into our home almost a year ago this cat would come to visit our pond everyday. I finally took a picture and eventually thought about getting a cat of our own. After we were done unpacking and everything seemed to calm down a bit, we went to the local SPCA and brung our kitty home. She plays so nicely with the kids and became apart of our family without disruption.

On most days you will find " Fluffy" ( That's what my six year old calls her) sitting in our front window watching the world go by. I could learn a little something from her because I really need to take a time out and watch everyone else run around fast past for a change. We haven't even
had a family trip since we began having children. Now that everyone is potty trained, we should be able to do something this summer. I had so many goals, one of which was to have my shop running more smoothly. I still feel like I have to fight to get noticed. Although the majority of Etsy sellers are jewelry artist, I still find that there isn't a real following for Fiber Art. I wonder if this is worth it. Or maybe It's the goals that I set forth that causes me to think this way. I was fairly confident up until now that this would be the business that would keep me home permanently. With the cost of everything going up, we are finding it difficult to cut cost and manage our money like before. Thank God that rebate checks will cushion the fall.


Lisa said...

I love your adorable kitties!

Livy said...

What a sweet kitty! I thing cats are just adorable, but sadly, I am allergic and can't be near them for long. Thanks for the pictures though. Fluffy is such a cute name.

Grace H said...

Lovely photos. Don't give up, success comes to those that keep at it and don't give up. Having your own business is not easy, but the rewards are worth it if you stick it out. Good luck to you and your fabulous items.

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