Saturday, March 29, 2008

Get your Domain on and Poppin!

In a previous post I took a survey about web hosting. Most listed " Go Daddy" as there " go to" in Web hosting. I did my research and it seems that " Go Daddy", is a very popular option amongst the masses.

So how did I get it through Google? Well, fumbling around with layouts, I stumbled upon a option to purchase your domain name through Blogger with Google. Google is in connection with Go Daddy and it also allowed me to set up my shopping cart at the same time. It seemed like a no brainer right..............well YES! I picked my domain name , and the whole process was done in under 5 mins! It was quick and easy and blogger will redirect all of my subscribers to the new address until it is officially implemented in about 3 days. Sky is the limit now.

This is what you can look forward to as readers. I will be expanding a little outside of the world of Etsy. I will give helpful homemaking tips and other valuable guides pertaining to the life of a wife, mother, and homemaker. I will feature other mom's, their blogs and webstores.

This weeks topics

1. Etsy's ban on bloggers
2. The happiest Mother's Day ever
3. Planning a toddlers Birthday

If you can provide some input into one or more of these topics please contact me or leave a comment! Thanks!


Teresa said...

Toddler birthday... how old is the toddler? Curious what info you get for this! Although involving them, such as with decorating their own treats would be a fun activity! Bubbles are always fun to play with as well, at any age!

Teresa said...

Yeah I don't know when they stop being toddlers really. I just figure mine's 3 now and a little person with all her reasoning and talking!
Wow! That must have been some birthday! We did an ice show and watched the superbowl at home. Nothing showy :)

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