Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Love/ Hate Ebay

Something new with that old time flapper feel!

I swore off ebay.........until I started looking around for a new shipment of candle supplies. I found out that I could get what I needed at a reasonable price . This is 100% soy way with cotton wicks. Just what I wanted! I found that the shipping was alot cheaper too because this was one of the few sellers that did not include containers. I perfer to use recycled containers or unique containers. I can get a bunch of antique containers from my local thrift store. They work out so great and can be an added bonus when the candle runs out. I'm even thinking about making a refill policy for my local customers. Go Green!

Speaking of green. I will share a little secret with you. Most of the yarn that I use was donated. It is amazing how people will give me loads of yarn because they don't have time to do fiber art anymore. There lost, my gain! I am sure that I have enough yarn to last me a whole year.


Anonymous said...

Love the flapper hat! So cute! And excellent about the yarn! Green is good... so is free. :)

cyberpenguin said...

Beautiful work!

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