Monday, February 11, 2008

Drawing traffic to your Blog

I read a very informative thread today and was directed to a site called I signed up and now I have a new widget to the right of my page. I will update this periodically giving you the estimated traffic increase flow to my blog.

Upon entering the WidgetBucks site, I was quite surprise at how easy it was to apply the widget to my blog. It took all of about 5mins, and that was including registration. There is a portion that may not be appealling to most and that is the section that pertains to your tax id number. I felt really uncomfortable releasing this information but I relunctantly went along with it. It is my understanding that there is a possibilty of making potiential earnings in the way of refferals. Apparently the ads that are placed within the widgets are actual paying businesses. The mechanics of all this still eludes me but, out of sheer wonder I have decided to take the widget plunge. As I enter this blog entry my total views stand at 105. My blog is fairly new, and just under a month old. I will update this post in a few weeks and hopefully the next time I will have a dramatic increase in not only views but widgetbucks as well! Good Day!

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Lucky Girl said...

This is the first blog ad widget thingie I've seen like this--I'll be interested to read your update and find out how it does.

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